Getting ready to head off

Some people have amazing reasons for why they travel. I met a woman in Tangier once whose ex had been a compulsive liar and had made up incredibly detailed stories of his travels around the world. After they broke up she’d decided to follow in his (entirely made up) footsteps, writing a book about her experiences along the way.

My reasons are not that cool. In fact, I’m not even entirely sure what my reasons are. I’ve travelled a lot already – I spent 9 months wandering around Europe just last year – and I thought when I returned from that trip that I would start my career and just generally be awesome.

But I grew to hate the job that I’ve had for the last year, to the point that, in the last few months, I felt like I was just a huge ball of stress who would dread waking up every morning. I’d like to balance that by mentioning that the company was actually great and I don’t regret anything – I learnt a lot from that job and made some really good friends there, and I’m glad I stuck it out for as long as I did – it simply wasn’t the right position for me and I couldn’t do it any longer.

So, I guess this time I’m travelling as a sort of reset. My new year’s resolution for 2014 was to ‘be more awesome’, and I’m not sure if I fulfilled that (granted, I should probably have chosen a resolution that was a little less vague) but I’m leaving Australia on the 2nd of November, which gives me exactly 59 days to fill with enough amazing experiences to make up that deficit.

Will I finally “find myself”? Will I meet some ravishing European man, fall in love, elope and then suffer devastating heartbreak when I find him in bed with his step mother? Will I make the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald by getting caught in an avalanche and miraculously surviving after being presumed dead for a week? Who knows?!

Join me on my journey and let’s find out :)

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